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To catch up it’s been a busy week. Wednesday seen us take the kids out round the doors for Halloween after a rush to get Findlay’s costume finished and find something for Nairn to wear. Findlay was going as a headless man and we’d spent the best pat of 3 nights making his head but we hadn’t started on the body. I managed to get something made up in time for him to go out but the costume kept slipping and the eye holes were two small so he was having trouble walking everywhere. This would a be a problem on the thursday night as it was a halloween school disco he was going to. Nairn ended up being Bob the Builder for the night and whilst he wasn’t to keep on waling about the streets at night he soon worked out you got free stuff if you chapped at peoples doors so he was off. Might need to make sure he realises that only happens once a year though. Erica was dressed up as a turtle and seemed to completely gloss over the night and was just happy to be cuddled and carried everywhere ':)'

Thursday had me trying to figure a way to stop Findlay’s costume from falling off a the disco and I managed to rig something up with a an old rucksack and a coathanger. Seemed to do the trick although he had to take his costume off as it was scaring one of the P1 girls. Yet again he didn’t win best costume despite most folk agreeing he should have. He lost out to a store bought Jack Sparrow.

I can’t actually remember what I did on friday. I’m sure it was probably relaxing knowing how much work I intended on doing over the weekend. I know I installed Football Manager 2008 so that may have something to do with it.

Saturday I lazed about.and did almost nothing. I either had the drive but no energy or energy and no drive. We were supposed to go to a fancy dress party but we bailed on that and ended up having dinner at Kirsty and Mo’s which was nice although I reckon we could have left about 3 hours earlier and I’d still have been knackered. As was we got home just after one and because I was over tired and my neighbours were having a party I remember seeing 3.30am and still being wide awake.

Sunday I cleared the stairs and most of the landing of junk and we went and picked up some units from my parents that a friends of thiers had dropped off. I then spent the best part of the evening lumping them upstairs into our bedroom and rearranging the furniture so that they fitted. We’ve now got enough storage space in our room for everything I think so hopefully that will get our bedroom moving just like the others.

I’m really looking forward to the fireworks tonight. I was worried about the weather but it seemes to be getting brighter and the forecast is for a nice if cold night.

I’ll leave you with a pic of my pumpkins that had carved. I’d struggled to get a decent photo of them and when I went to move them for this photo last night the one of the right was just about to give way as it had went rotten. The only thing holding it together was the skin :S





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