Half Life 2 Wars

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I can handle FPS’s. In fact some games line CS I really quite like but I can take or leave games like HL2. Any game/film that can make me jump I tend to never really get into. I’m a bit of a woose that way. Give me a decent RTS on teh otherhand and I’m all over it.

Half Life 2 Wars is sounding like that game I’ve been wanting for a long time. Rebel V Combine in a Halo Wars style by the looks of things. They havent got very far with the mod at the moment but its still looking good. Things that arent in there are detailed maps and buildable bases and weak AI. It has everything else though and the amazing thing is that the existing HL2 characters all seem to fit perfectly into the normal RTS upgrade tables we know and love. They’ve even included the Antlions and zombies as a neutral party to annoy you interdependently of your chosen enemy.

Annoyingly though you need to have episode 1 installed to play the demo which just means I have yet another excuse to use after the wedding to encourage me to buy the orange box.





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