You know that feeling?

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Just to start off this isnt a reaction to today or Vonnies LJ post the other day. Don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea from the start.

Have you ever had that feeling of your life just rolling along? It’s the same thing everyday and any small bump in the road gets taken care of. Or you’ve got a huge hill to climb but rather than take the tough direct route to the top you go the route that runs around and around the hill going up gradually meanwhile singing “She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes…”

Thats how I feel. Stuck in a rut effectively without the ability to jump of the trail and go directly from A to B without anything in the middle. Between work taking up most of my day and family taking most of the night it doesn’t leave me with the energy and time needed to step things up and move our family from subsisting in the house to living in our home. The only time I get to really do any work around the house of substance is on a sunday morning when everyone else is at church but even then thats only about 2-3 hours in total if they go somewhere afterwards. I want to get this place sorted but its going to take more than that to do and it’s going to take more energy than I currently have.

Add into all this my migraines have been horrific this last week. Up until the weekend I was dosed up on ibuprofen and cocodamol. Neither of which really took the pain away but it helped a little. The only problem is neither one helps enough on its own and cocodamol knocks me for six. The amount of errors I’ve made at work has been stupidly high because of it and I’m walking about the house like a zombie. The new pills are helping but I’m only allowed 2 per day and they run out after about 5 hours. I’m not even sure if I can use them in conjuction with the normal pills to get me through the rest of the day. Suffice it to say right nowI could forget where I put my keys and be sitting there with them in my hands and not have a clue where they were.

I need need need to fix this.





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