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As a kid I loved the stuff and hated the stuff. As an adult it infuriates me in the same way it did back then. Any time I come up with an idea for something to build theres always something missing from the bricks that stops me completing it. The other problem would be not having enough bricks of the same colour to build what I wanted and we all know theres not any point in building a house if each wall has 3 different colours in it.

Anyway we have loads of lego in the house that isn’t getting used at the moment. Finn hasn’t quite got the hang of building anything other than skyscrapers or penguins and I just dont have the imagination I used to. I need to get back into this though as the stuff is amazing when you get an idea in your head and manage to pull it off.

Talking of lego skyscrapers take a look at this one.

Copenhagen-based architectural firm BIG built it out of 250,000 bricks and 1,000 minifigs. It has 220 apartments with 85 different floor plans and shops. They’ve even got graffiti, posters, advertisements, and brand name stores all over the shot. The tower is currently on display at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York until 11/24 and I want to go and see it!

All photos by dpstyles on Flickr. Click on the first photo and see if you can find batman ';)'





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