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I need a plan of action.

I reckon a week could solve most most of the problems we as a family have. The rest will come from there. I’m sure of it. Our house has never felt like a home purely because we’ve never had the time to to sort it so we’ve been able to spend the time making it a home. I’m not saying it will be easy but I honestly reckon a few of the simpler menail tasks will open the place up. All I need is time and after 8pm I’ve got loads of it. I just need to use it more wisely.

Our daily schedule is a mess. Nine times out of ten I don’t have a clue what Vonnies up to each day and I only find/work out whats happening that morning. If it’s not my memory thats going it’s Vonnies becuase she tells someone about it and thinks she’s told me becuase I was kicking about at the time. All that rushing about first thing in the morning is no use to anyone.

*Goes off to create something that might help*





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