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So on friday night Vonnie announced to the room that the Take That tickets had went missing and as she’d put them on the computer desk it must have been me that moved them. Being a tired and cranky old fart I retaliated in kind. This wouldn’t have been too bad except we were at Kirsty and Mo’s for dinner at the time. cue grumpy Bob and Vonnie for 20 minutes.

So one thing led to another and since then I’ve gutted the livingroom 3 times, the bedroom once and had a general scour around the house as well. I don’t know what I was more pissed off about, Vonnie blaming me when I said it wasn’t or the fact the girls might not be able to go to the gig. I was starting to crack up and get really stressed about it. I was convinced they’d been binned last week ':('

So I sat down on the couch and cleared each cushion in turn as I had before until I got to the last one that had all the letters I’d lifted from the computer desk whilst looking for the tickets. I’d went through that pile 3-4 times already but I gave it one last look through aqnd then checked under the cushion again. And they were there.

All that stress over the last 5 days has just turned to complete exhaustion. Lets hope my bedding dries soon so I can get to bed ':)'





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