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Last week sometime Vonnie talked her sisters boyfriend into doing some carpentry work for us. We have loads of ideas and things needing done but absolutely no time to do it. We’ve got a couple of pipechases to build and a few other things but so far he’s laid the hardboard flooring in the kitchen and bathroom ready for the vinyl to go down on top of them. The last few days he’s been replacing the ikea bookshelves we have in the livingroom with a built in bookcase from floor to ceiling. I have to say I’m very impressed so far. The only problem we have had so far with it is a socket for the electric fire that we don’t have. As far as I was aware the socket was dead so we set about taking the covering off to tie up the wires and get the last side of the bookshelf. In order to double check the wires I disconnected the earth wires and using an insulted screwdriver I bridged the gap between the loose earth and one of the live wires. Yes I know I know its very stupid but your talking to the son of a man who spent 3 hours inside a washing machine whilst plugged in and instead of using wire strippers to cut the insulation on a wire he bit the plastic off. Your also talking to a guy who would work out which wire on his motherboard was live by biting it one night whilst drunk. It’s safe to say I should never be let near electricity. So anyway the wires were dead as we thought but there was another set of wires connected so I thought I’d better check them as well. *BANG* Well those wires we’re dead. Ended up tripping the circuit breakers and killing the power in the house. I guess we’ll be waiting for Vonnie’s dad to remove that one then.

So after all that I decided to lay the vinyl flooring in the bathroom. I really shouldnt have though as I’d never done it before and I don;t think I’ll be doing it again. Not one cut is straight and its a little bumpy which I’ll need to fix tomorrow night.

I’m now absolutely shattered and I need to be up early to get to work tomorrow morning. Go me!





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