Build It And They Will Come

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I have a design and DIY quandry. With the building of the new bookshelfs and the supposed arrival of a sideboard that we hope will pretend to be a TV unit our living room is going to need rearranging. I don’t have a problem with this and in actual fact we sort of already have a plan for where all the furniture is going to go.

My problem is that I need to route my ethernet cables around this new layout and it’s going to get sticky I think. Currently we have the cable TV cable and the Cable modem cable come in at the front corner of the house and run up the wall to the TV and computers about half way up. With the building of bookshelf we have accommodated these wires already but there may be problems for the network. My router sits beside my modem on my computer desk and from it I run my PC and my X-box and Vonnie’s laptop connects via wi-fi. If I move the PC to the other side of the room I’d need to run an Ethernet cable all around the room, and its quite a big room, and would be routing hell almost. Its the only sane way I can find to have the modem left where it is and have the xbox still beside the TV. I could get a wireless card for my desktop which would solve almost all the problems however but its an additional cost that I can’t really justify yet and theres one additional problem. My work laptop cannot connect via wi-fi so needs to have an RJ45 cable plugged into the router which if its on the bookshelf could cause problems, Not that actually use the work laptop much at home that needs direct net access anyway.

So folks. Any ideas how best to get around this?





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