Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring!

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Vonnie realised something last night. It’s only 2 months until our wedding. Theres still loads to do and to be perfectly honest I have not done a thing about it. By the time I get home from work and do the housework and cooking that I do it’s generally late enough and we’re tired enough that we’ll think about going to bed. That’s not getting anything done about the wedding.

Between DIY, decorating, kids and the wedding we have enough on our plates to keep 6 people going for 6 months and thats without factoring Christmas into the equation. Somethings got to take that number 1 slot and to be honest the wedding is the only one that literally can’t wait. The kids are kids and no matter what we do we’ll be looking after them anyway but the DIY and decorating will have to take a back seat until we at least get the invites for the wedding done.

*Goes off and tries to find a way to get Photoshop on his works laptop, fails miserably and ends up with GIMP*

I’ve been trying for a couple of nights to find a decent brush set for use with the invites and I cant find a thing. I may have came up with a workaround though for that thanks to VectorMagic! I’ve been playing about with it a little over the last week and I think I may have finally found a use for it.





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