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I had my dinner made for me last night. Anyone that knows us will know that 99% of the time I cook the dinner at night. This is purely down to Vonnie having to deal with the kids all day as well as the state our house is in thanks to the DIY etc going on and hopefully gives her a little time to do what she wants for a little bit.

The only problem with Vonnie’s cooking though is that she’s damn good at it. She’ll shout till she’s blue in the face that she isn’t but she is. I call this a problem because no matter how hard you try to be sincere when you say that you love it she won’t believe you.

So anyway Vonnie had suggested a sit-down meal for the family at our dining table which never really happens in our house. I thought getting off work early and sorting out the dining table whilst making fajitas sounded like a plan so I got home at 4.30pm to find Vonnie slaving over dinner in the kitchen in an attempt to surprise me! We had lemon and garlic whole roast chicken with roast potatos and garden peas followed by a homemade steamed sticky toffee pudding. I don’t think I could eat any more after all that!

As for my plans to prioritise the wedding stuff this weekend… Well it seems I picked the wrong thing to get done. Tonight, tomorrow and most of Sunday will be spent sorting out the living room to make it livable now that the bookshelf has been built until such time as they can be painted and filled with books. Then and only then will I be able to sit down and relax enough in front of a PC that I can get my design hat on and get the wedding invites drafted up.

T minus 2 months and counting. :S





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