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We’re planning on heading down to London for a few days soon which should be something we all need. I have absolutely no idea what we’re going to get up to during that time but I do have one fear. No internet access. I can take or leave my net access these days I think. I used to get wound up after a few days without it but as the only real time I get to spend on it is my lunch breaks at work I’m getting used to the idea of a netless world. Vonnie on the other hand… her blood pressure starts to rise if she’s not clicked on her new mail icon in 2 hours and she gets the shakes if Livejournal’s servers go down for any period of time. I’m only jesting dear your nowhere near that bad. In fact I think you usually end up with less net time each day that me and thats saying something!

I’ve been to London on many occasions with my work but other than train stations, hotels and the Victoria Street Burger King the only touristy thing I’ve ever done is go see Buckingham Palace when I was staying in a hotel a hundred yards down the road. Even when I did make it to a museum it was at night for a launch of a governmental white paper so it was all shut off apart from the reception area we were in. Quite looking forward to it now ':)'

On another note when we get back I’ll be upgrading to the latest version of WP so expect me to mess up the install so rather than being down for 5 minutes it will be down for 3 days and I’ll lose all my posts as the database will end up getting corrupted.





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