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I almost got beat up at the bus stop yesterday morning.

If you know where I live you’ll know that the bus stop that heads towards my work sits just on the wrong side of the lip of a hill. If the traffic lights are going wrong for you the bus can easily have driven up over the hill and passed you before you realise its your bus. So you get used to being that extra careful just in case. I read a lot. I often read while I’m waiting on my bus. When I’m at that bus stop however I’ve got into the routine of only reading when I know the lights to be red and then only read in 20 second bursts so I can catch the bus when it drives by.

So I’m standing there. Staring into the distance waiting for my bus to arrive. An 18 drove up and over the hill and stopped at the bus stop so I stepped into the bus stop to let folk on and then the bus drove away. What I didnt see, I was concentrating on the lip of the hill, was a woman shouting at me to hold the bus for her. When I didn’t she apparently stood and stuck her fingers up at me and called me every name under the sun. The next thing I know shes in my face giving me allsorts and looks like shes about to lamp me. It wasn’t until she calmed down after I said I didn’t see or hear her for the 10th time that realised that she must have been slightly mentally handicapped. What do you do when a mentally handicapped woman starts trying to beat you up? It’s bad enough if a woman randomly tries that but add the rest into the mix and I’m flumoxed. It wasn’t until she got on the next bus that someone else at the bus stop filled me in on what had happened to cause it.

Needless to say when I seen her walking up to the bus stop this morning I quickly crossed the road and went to the shops instead.





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