How the hell am I still alive?

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I bet you thought this entry was going to be about today ';)'

Just trying to tire myself out a little before putting my head down for some sleep I went on a Digg run for something interesting to read. After a while I came across this page.

Take a look at the number 1 recalled toy. I could go one better than that! When I was kid I used to have a dart board behind my bedroom door. Im talking 9-10 years old at this point. Now we soon got bored of darts as a sport but one of my friends had been to the circus and seen the knife throwers and thought we could do that. We’d take turns standing against my bedroom wall while one of th eothers would throught the darts. You’d get extra points for touching as the dart went into the wall but you lost if you drew blood. The number of times we came so close to a major injury was unreal!

We also used to lie on our backs and throw the darts up and effectively play chicken with them. The one that could wait the longest and then rolling out of the way before it smashed into your face won. If it stuck in teh roof we’d throw things at it from belowin an effort to knock it lose.

How did I survive?





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