Yeah yeah yeah Merry Christmas and all that crap

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Don’t worry I’ll be suitably full of cheer once Erica decides to go back to sleep without screaming the house down. Thats to nights in a row that shes woke up for her 3-4am feed and decided that at 5.45am she’s slept enough. Rather than disturb Vonnie’s sleep anymore than I have to I’ve brought her downstairs again and gave her a yoghurt which usually fills her up enough to get her back to sleep but no not this time. Anytime she even looks like shes about to go back to sleep or actually does by the time I have her back in her cot shes screaming again because I have the audacisty to want to sleep.

Fingers crossed she’ll go back down in the next 10 mins. Daddy needs his beauty sleep and the boys are quite good about not getting up before 8am usually. Last year we had to wake Findlay up I think!





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