I really should have put a sign up on the blog saying “Sorry, closed for the holidays”

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To call it a holiday would be doing all my holidays in the past a disservice. I don’t think we stopped the entire time and Vonnie was going into this with all the present buying etc already behind her so she deserve extra praise for lasting the distance.

To put the last ten-fourteen days into context I can’t actually remember much except for the long nights. I was up until god knows what time on Christmas Eve wrapping presents, baking a cake and making a trifle. Christmas day itself was a complete blur with family visiting and then Boxing Day was similar but for that we went to my parents but after about 8pm I haven’t a clue what went on through sheer exhaustion. The rest of the time just blended into one day with periods of restless sleep and zombie like movement about the house. And to think I managed just 4 beers this entire time. I then spent until 2am on Saturday night stripping the wallpaper in the living room and until after 1am last night painting said living room. Roll on Saturday is all I can say!

I don’t know whats been up with me over this time but somethings stressing me out and I can’t put my finger on it. It’s not the wedding. It’s not work. It’s not the kids and it’s not the house. I really don’t have a clue One minute I’m fine the next I’m not and the main problem I get from stress isn’t anxiety but lack of energy and grumpiness. Never a good combination.

So to sum up apologies to all that have had to deal with me over the last two weeks. Apologies to those I’ve not talked to over the last two weeks as well as if you’ve tried talking to me in person I’ve been spaced out and if you’ve tried to instant message me I’ve been lucky to sit staring at the screen and actually be aware of what I’m doing for maybe 5 minutes during this time. Apologies to the kids for being an a-typical bah humbug type of person this Christmas and apologies to Vonnie for having to put up with my sorry arse.

So work for today…get away from the office asap and get the downstairs tidied up for tonight.

By the way, those that haven’t been invited yet but think you’d be on the list at the door we’re having a soiree tonight to celebrate the bringing in of the new year. Feel free to pop along for a while and say hi.





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