I meant to post an update yesterday or two but…

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my keyboard became a casualty of the Hogmany party.

Whilst we were out getting supplies for the party we decided that we might save money on photos and frames by buying a printer in the sale and use the frames we already have. I amazed myself by not opening the box until about 6am after almost everyone had went home. Barry pissed himself laughing as ripped a ribbon of flesh from my finger as a tore the box open. Barry pissed himself laughing as I split a pink drink all over my desk and computer. Barry pissed himself laughing as I gave out a loud scream of disgust and confusion as half my keyboard didn’t work. The pink drink didn’t touch the keyboard or any important part of the PC case so I just couldn’t work it out. It wasn’t until 12 hours later and Vonnie pointed out I’d spilled a beer on the keyboard as well at some point during the night. D’oh!

Anyway I got a spare one from my parents so we’re back up and running again.

Also with the start of the new year upon us I’ve got stuck into decorating the living room. I’ve got one wall painted and I’ve spent today stripping the rest of the wallpaper. We’re on our way to having a decorated house!





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