‘Oh the weather outside is frightful’

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This morning started off so well!

We woke up and the snow had survived the night and in fact was a couple of inches deep so I was up and out within 30 mins. The idea being to walk to work and take a few photos on the way. Anyway I got delayed by something that I’ll go into later so by the time I hit the bus route and a 201 drove towards the stop I was passing I was to cold to argue with my instincts and ended up on the bus.

Finally got into work after watching the sun come up over snow covered East Kilbride cursing my lack of resolve when it comes to cold temperatures and sat down at my computer with the intent of uploading the pictures I had actually managed to take to Flickr. And the USB cable was nowhere to be seen. It must still be connected to my PC at home. D’oh!

Anyway when I get back home and get the photos uploaded I’ll post a little more about what delayed me this morning and why, for once, a delay didn’t bother me. ':)'





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