6 Things – The rerun

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I did this a while ago but never officially tagged anyone and as I’ve been tagged by Simple-Mindz I thought I’d do it again but properly this time.

  • So anyway here are the rules:
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1. I passed Standard Grade General Science in P5 but never recieved a certificate for it. The P7 teacher in my school’s husband was shocked at the ‘new’ Standard Grade exams in the first year they were run at my local schools. He was convinced his first years could pass the exam and so ran them through the paper at the end of term and got a pass rate of 60-odd%. The P7 teacher in my school did the same thing with her pupils and I think they averaged out at about 50-odd%. My P5 teacher was convinced I’d be able to do it as well and came away with a 71% pass!

2. I managed to fail 1st year at Uni because my adviser couldnt tell the difference between Exploring the Cosmos in the Arts Dept and Astronomy in the Science Dept. Being self-taught Standard Grade and Higher biology and chemistry at the same time as studying Astronomy is one sure fire way of frying your brain quickly when all I wanted to do was look at pretty pictures of nebula. I think my best end of term exam result was 13%. The pass rate was so low they actually had to lower the level you needed to get to sit the final exam as they would have had only three people sitting the final exam otherwise.

3. I studying a martial art that we named Harry Karate after our instructor. He was a nutjob that hated his old instructor so decided to branch out himself and teach but mix in a little boxing. What mostly happend was he beat up kids for 3 hours a night twice a week. Was great fun seeing him getting slaughtered at the first (and last) competition we went to.

4. I was captain of my primary school football team and in my last game for the team almost ended Rangers and Scotland captain Barry Ferguson’s career before it started. We played his schools 7-aside team in the group stages of a competition in Strathclyde park and I managed to put him 6 foot in the air and he landed badly. His brother Derek, who also played for Rangers, was their manager and wasnt best pleased with me.

5. I have a rock that I like to go to and think things through when I have problems. Your surrounded by mountains that have been there for almost longer than Ican get my head around so any problems I ever have mean nothing compared to what they have seen. The problem is the location though as its 14 miles from the nearest bus stop down a glen near Glen Coe.

6. If I’m quiet its because i

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