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What is this weather like? Aparently theres been a strange depession sitting over Scotland for the last week and it’s causing no end of problems. It started with the snow last week and on Monday there was a place in Edinburgh where on one side of the building you had the normal everyday wet carpark and on the other side you had 6-7 inches of snow with a very definate border between them. I’ve sat looking out the office windows today and depending what side of the building you look out of you get different weather. On one side we had sunshine, on the opposite side we had heavy horizontal rain and at the far end of the office the wind was that bad the snow that was falling there was actually going up rather than down.

And whats with the wind? I thought we’d got off lightly with our wheeliebin lying in our neighbours front garden this morning and it seems we we didnt just get off lightly we got off almost scot-free! Our neighbour had her brand new brick wall blown down and the building site next to our office looks more like a demolition site. One of my colleagues noticed a bubbling this morning after a window had blown open during the night and thought it was just the rainwater bubbling on the radiator and didnt think that for that to happen the radiator must be literally boiling. About an hour after that one of the bosses passed comment on a burning smell beside the printer and could hear crackling. It turns out thatwater had came from somewhere and got under our floating floors and the electrics all around there were sparking. Needless to say about 10 fuses were blown by the time the technition turned up to check it out and we’ve had to turn off the power on half our section by the looks of things. Luckily the office is quite today so theres plenty of room for people to hotdesk.

As for damage elsewhere it seems half of The Eastern on Duke Street in Glasgow has fell down and plenty off roofs have blew off in the city centre. At least one of the huge trees on Glasgow Green has been uprooted and numerous walls have been blown down. I didn’t think it was that bad last night until I seen teh damage this morning. I’ll need to check my roof when I get home which suggests a 3.30pm finish so there will still be daylight to see by :S





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