I never post at weekends it seems

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Any day I’m not at work I rarely post on. It’s weird.

Anyway a quick run down of the past few days events.

Vonnie started back working on Wednesday and I took Thursday and Friday off to look after the kids if need be. Vonnie was actually off Thursday so it was really just Friday I was on my own with them. We got loads done between tidying the livingroom and drawing but we missed out the most important thing we had to get done. get the forms to register the wedding so I need to get them tomorrow.

Went out on Friday night with Barry to Rufus and the Cathouse. Both were quite crap but what little drink I had hit me really hard which messed up Saturday for everyone as I was just useless. We did drop by a place called Tchai Ovna for tea and porridge. I’m not really an adventurous tea drinker as I think they mostly taste of bark but we had the most amazing apple strudel flavour tea and one that tasted like After Eights.

I spent most of today round at Barry’s trying and failing to fix his PC much to everyones annoyance. What should have taken 30 minutes took almost 6 hours and it still wasnt fixed. I just couldn’t kill the viruses quick enough to stop them reinfecting the PC. I ended up having to format and reinstall his OS twice as it just kept breaking.

Well tomorrows the start of a new week. Heres hoping its better than the last.





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