The Way Forward – Blogging in 2008

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” I have an idea about the voices I hear

Inaudible to everyone everyone but me”
Pause It And Turn It Up – Biffy Clyro

I’ve long had an idea to get a blog up and running that wasn’t anything to do with my personal life. I’ve had ideas. I’ve even started writing up the the content for one of them.

I have 3 blogging aims in 2008.

  • The first is to continue The Apochrypha and find some ways to actually improve the site for the reader as well as myself. The blog is all about me and it will always come down to what I think works but I reluctantly admit that my readers (or should that be reader) should have a say in how the site they visit works.
  • Secondly I want to dabble with monetising a blog to see just what kind of work on my part would be needed to get back server costs. Thankfully I don’t have any at the moment due to Mark’s generosity but you never know when that day will come when it’s needed.
  • And lastly and possibly more important for me in 2008 is to get that blog up and running. I’ve had my ideas running round and around my brain for the last 6-9 months and I’ve even started building one but ran out of steam quite early on as the topic just wasn’t right. I have that topic now however!

It’ll be a few months before I do more than plan it out in my head what with the wedding and other things going on in the next 2-3 months but by god I have an idea that might actually work!





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