That wasn’t so bad all things considered

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Took the wee one to the hospital for further tests today as they didn’t get enough of what they needed last time to do them all. Vonnie had a really hard time during the last visit as the doctors kept blowing Erica’s veins but this time they got it on the second attempt and thanks to a brilliant piece of thinking on Vonnie’s behalf didn’t squirm anywhere near as much as last time. They claim we should know the results of the main test by tomorrow but I’m not holding my breath to be honest. The idea that I’d trust the NHS to get results to me ina timely fashion is laughable at the moment.

In other news I made a quick mock-up of the blog I’m wanting to run with last night and it looks not bad. I’ve drafted up two articles so far and it’s been really quite easy but reading over them I can see so many places I’d like to change to increase the quality of the post but my lack of English skills means I don’t know where to even start. Also at least one of them was time dependent so if I wait 3 months before launching the site it will be of no use probably so it might end up in here ':)'





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