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I’ve been meaning to post about this for a few days now. So much so this entry has been sitting as a draft all that time. Can you guess why this is the case? That’s right, I forgot to bookmark the site in question so although I knew what it was I was writing about I couldn’t for the life of me find the link I needed to go along with it!


This wee gadget is looking like it could be the answer to all my prayers. Well maybe not this one but maybe it’s next iteration so I’ll be keeping my eyes on how well it does.

Geotagging of photos is something that seems to be taking off recently. It was one thing to describe a photo and say it was taken in August 06 on the banks of Loch Lomond and its another to have the time stamp sitting there with a link to take you to an online map pinpointing where you were when you took it. Zooomr has had this function for a long time and Flickr jumped on the band wagon about 18 months ago. The problem is that almost all digital cameras do not have GPS on them and so this positional information has to be input by hand for each and every photo.

Gizmodo reported a few days ago that ATP Electronics are bringing out this little beauty.


The GPS Photo Finder seems to be the simplest way I’ve seen to get this information onto which ever piece of software on or offline that you wish to use it with. It’s as simple as turning it on, sticking it in your pocket as you walk around taking photos and then plugging your memory card into it once your finished before uploading the photos to your PC. It basically works why keeping a log of where you’ve been and then tying up the time stamp on each photo with where you were at that time on the log. All the GPS info is then saved into the exif data of each file. It’s as simple as that. The only problem with it all though is that it currently only works with jpeg files but hopefully in time a RAW capable version will see the light of day.





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