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I did something on Saturday night that I said I would never do and had never done before. I played Guitar Hero III.

I’ve always seen these games and though they looked that cheap and tacky and really had no game play worth commenting on. So much so that I’ve actually in the past been dumbfounded as its popularity.

So I was tricked into going over to Dave’s on Saturday night under the illusion that we would be playing xbox games. I’ve no idea why I thought it would be the Xbox though rather than the 360 Dave has. Anyway we all went over beforehand to hand wedding invites to Dave, Lynn, Mark and Clare and by the we’d got home, put the kids/Vonnie to bed, walked the dog and got back over they were already firing through GH III on co-op.

I reckon i picked it up not badly on easy once I’d had a few songs under my belt but to get a bit of competition going on we ended up going head to head on the hard setting I think. I didn’t have a chance bearing in mind I was just getting used to the three buttons never mind all five!


And do you know what? I loved it. Nothing much to do with the music or the game but its frustrating enough that it wants to drag you back again and again until you get it right. If it didn’t cost so much I’d have went to the shops on Sunday morning and bought a copy for my Wii!





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