Red Yo-Yo

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I have spent the last 20 years trying to track down a song I heard one night andwithout even trying today I found it.

I used to be a member of the Claremont Rambling Club when I was about ten or eleven with my Granddad and we’d go away every fortnight walking in the hills of Scotland with 30 other like minded individual. Once a year though we would go away for a long weekend somewhere and ovenight at a hostel somewhere and go hiking every day.

One year we went to Loch Insh and stayed there and with the only entertainment there being a Space Invaders machine or a pool table that nobody would play on we were left to entertain ourselves. This basically meant everyone had to do a ‘turn’. This usually consisted of someone starting a song and everyone joining in as the alcohol flowed. I escaped as I was only ten at the time but one of the woman started singing a song thats stuck with me ever since. I’d catch myself singing the chorus at night when stacking the shelves in Safeway or whilst walking home drunk to my hotel in Tenerife. But noone could tell me who sung it or indeed any of the verses as they’d never heard it before.

Then today I randomly searched on Youtube for some Scottish music and guess what popped up in the search? Red Yo-Yo by Matt McGinn. My search was over! I can’t stop singing it to myself now!





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