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What with my Florence Nightingale act over these last few days and my own attack of the lurgy today I’ve pretty much been stuck with my feeds and the BBC news website to keep my web time occupied.

Anonymous ManifestoMost of you will know about my dislike for organised religion and anyone thats computer literate would have heard about the people taking on the Scientologists. I won’t condone this groups actions as I think the likes of denial of service attacks and black faxes to be the lowest of the low when it comes to communication crimes but at the same time Scientology is up there in my top 3 of ‘hated’ organised religions. I’m all for the ideals behind most religions but its the belief needed and how they go about their day to day business that really gets me in a twist usually.

But enough about my ‘beliefs’ and on to Anonymous. Formed from various websites and IRC channels they’ve took the recent action of the Scientologists after Tom Cruises video made it on to YouTube as the last straw and effectively declared war on them. A statement and video were released the other day drawing out Anonymous’ position on the ‘church’ and for the last few days they have been hit by DOS attacks and are actively encouraging people to send the ‘church’ black faxes in an effort to use up their ink. In the last few hours its hit all the mainstream news sites and the following for these attacks just seems to keep on growing. I can’t see them doing anything other than making the Scientologists more intent on what it is they are doing and getting them even more press but its about time they stood up and took a beating.





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