You’re my wife now…

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I liked friday. I liked yesterday even better. Why, you may ask, do I like yesterday better than friday? Well I got married to my beautiful wife on friday so it would have to be something really special to beat that. You see the thing is we didn’t get married until midway through the afternoon and so I spent less than half of the day with my wife where as yesterday I spent the entire day with my wife. yesterday wins ';)'

So yesterday… I don’t even know where to start. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous about the wee thing and yet so completely calm about the big things in my entire life. Vonnie spent the night at the hotel the night before and we were both completely completely shattered and stressed. I think I was up until 2am finishing off the Orders of Service and was up at the crack of dawn to get the rest of the stuff done that I’d left from the night before. Finally got the kids dressed and Barry came round to get a lift down to the hotel for the walk round to the church.

I don’t actually remember much from before the ceremony other than alot of folk saying I was very calm. Getting married has never made me nervous. The day going tits up did scare the hell out of me though. The weather cleared up just before things started at the church and we got a few photos in before the bride turned up but it was still freezing outside. The limo that we managed to get ended up being a 16 seater pink stretch hummer so it took a few attempts to get into the street the church was on so we ran a little late to begin with.

When the bridal party made it in I couldn’t keep my eye off Vonnie. She was beautiful. I couldn’t quite work out where I was supposed to be looking between the alter or at Vonnie. Vonnie won the day with that one. I got tongue tied half way through but Vonnie says I did part of my vows twice which I don’t remember. Then we said ‘I do’ and exchanged the rings. I was doing great until we went outside for a few photos and all of a sudden I was frozen. I’m told it was the adrenaline running out which makes sense I suppose. I’d completely forgotten that the guests would be coming out behind us so I think they went out the back door and we ended up doing an impromptu line up as everyone went past. Cutting it a bit fine we sent the bridal party into the hummer to take them back to the hotel as we stayed behind to take a few more photos. The limo company had put a time limit on the hire and if we went over the hour they wanted another hours worth of hire to be paid. Jen came back to give us a lift down to the hotel so that worked out OK.

I’ve no real memory of the dinner other than it tasted lovely and we mingled a lot. They took my plate away before I could finish the ice-cream I had pilfered from the kids though and the favours from the top table were cleared away as well. I’ll leave out the speeches as I didn’t actually manage to write one and had to wing it and my best man managed to make me look like the idiot I am :p

I was dreading the first dance purely because I can’t dance. I was really looking forward to it as well though just in case anyone thinks otherwise. Thankfully the CD we’d burned worked just fine and we took to the floor to the tune of Somersault by Zero 7. I have to say I don’t think we could have picked a better song to dance to.

By the end of the night a few folk actually came back to the bridal suite with us to carry on the evening. Emma fell asleep on the floor and Craig, who was on top form, spent most of the time hitting me with a pillow when I nodded off. I think it was about 2am before we made it to bed and as we had Erica with us I was up at 6.30am to feed her and was up, dressed and walking the streets of The Village in East Kilbride by 8am with her looking for an open shop.





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