So…the WGA strike is over. Where does that leave us?

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It seems with the writers strike over and done with the studios are getting back into the swing of things. The Star Trek prequel thats been in production has been pushed back 6 months and despite the industry saying its so they will make more money a lot of people are suggesting that its to allow the director to rewrite some sections and give them time to get some SFX shots done that might not have been finished by the original release date.

As for the TV shows it looks like theres some winners and some losers. Obviously all these might change but the stand out losers in my eyes are Heroes, Lost and Jericho. Everyone knew what was happening with lost as they were very public about it but it’s only been in the last week that it w’ve really known that Lost will be cut short and what it will mean tot he story line. Jericho on the other hand looks like its actually going to finish up thanks to the strike. With only a few more episodes to be aired half of the story arc is going to be missing and most likely won’t be piocked up for a 3rd season.


* House – Done until next fall
* Prison Break – 1 more episode then done until the fall

* 24 – Done until January 2009
* Bones – Returns April 28th with 4 new unaired episodes then done until the fall
* Til Death – Should return this season with a handful of new episodes.
* Back to You – Should return this season with a handful of new episodes.
* KVille Done.
* Sarah Connor Chronicles – 4 unaired episodes. Highly unlikely to be picked up.


* Lost – 8 episodes complete, 2 aired. 5 more to be produced for a total of 13 this season.
* Grey

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  1. I first saw the Star Trek trailer in Jan 08 when I saw Cloverfield. I thought it was gonna be released in Dec 08. Oh well, another few more months. Can’t hardly wait!

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