Wedding followup

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So 11 days married and I have to say I like it ':)'

I can’t quite put my finger on but it agrees with me.

I’ve had a few folk that aren’t on Flickr or Facebook/Bebo asking to see any photos from the wedding but lack of space on here is stopping me from posting them all so I’ll give you my favourite so far.

This of the kids running into the church ahead of the bride before the ceremony.

I also need to share with you guys that weren’t at the wedding the wedding cake toppers. They were fantastic. Vonnie had them hand made for us and I can’t quite get over to you guys how much I’d recommend these. The web address is downstairs on my desk but as I’m all cozy in bed you’ll need to wait until tomorrow morning for that.

For the top deck of the cake…Bob and Vonnie

And on the middle deck Nairn, Erica and Findlay

I plan on getting some better photos of the toppers soon as they deserve to be shown at their best.





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