Wisdom Begins In Wonder

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So I’ve went for it. The blog that I was talking about back here has went live in a very Frankensteins Monster kind of way.

Wisdom Begins In Wonder is stumbling out the starting blocks. I have no template designed for it yet but it is in the works and I’m filling it up with content so that its got something substantial to anchor it down when I start working on it more. I’ve talked to many succesful bloggers and they insist its the content that gets people coming to you. You can have the prettiest blog out there but without the content no ones going to stay. Their advice was to launch it once I had a few articles and then work on the design so thats what I’m doing.

As with all things like this I’m suffering really bad writers block 9 times out of 10 but I’m getting there. As with this blog once I get into the swing of things posts seem to come very easily so I’m hoping it will just be my standard of English that I’ll need to work on.

And P.S. For those that don’t know where ‘Wisdom Beings In Wonder’ comes from it’s a quote by Socrates that seems to fit well with the idea behind the blog ';)'





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