Domain Name Challange

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I happen to like my wee domain name even if it isn’t a .com but we’ll soon see what other people think about it.

Over at Make Money Blog a Domain Name Tournament is being held. Bloggernoob has already run one such tournament and is even putting cash from his own pocket up for grabs to the winner. I haven’t a hope in hell of getting that far and if I get past the first round I reckon I’ll be treating that the same as South Korea getting to the finals of the World Cup a few years ago.

Anyway keep an eye out on the site for when the voting starts which should be within the next 24 hours. I’ll post a link up anyway when the voting opens but if you like my sites name go give me a vote. Once you’ve done that have a week look around the site as well. I’ve followed the site for the last few months since I came across bloggernoob on a blogging forum I use and he’s went from strength to strength so he’s doing something right and thankfully he helps you do the same.





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