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When I started with this I knew what I wanted but knew that I wouldn’t have the time for a couple of months to seriously get into writing for and promoting the Wisdom Begins In Wonder blog.

I’ve managed to get a few more articles up to pad the site out a bit. I have to say they aren’t my best work but I’ll be going back over them and updating them as and when I get the time.

I’ve been playing about with affiliates and advertising and came to the conclusion that you really need a lot of traffic to even get an impression of what they can do for you.

Adsense with it’s high payout limit is almost useless for me. In the last month I’ve managed two valid clicks and one of them wasn’t even technically valid. Whilst this was reported to Google I’ve heard to many stories of them refusing to pay out for the odd ‘fraudulent’ click even if it was reported to believe in them just yet. Might work on another blog though.

There is very few affiliate programs that I can find other than maybe Amazon that fit with the niche I’m trying for so whilst they are the real money winners it seems it will be a long time before I can say they will make me anything.

My main aim with this blog other than to produce a good quality site that people will use is to find a way to recover my server costs. If I want to make decent money I’d be forcing adverts down your throat and pushing you to sites that would give me more cash for the work.With that aim in mind it seems Project Wonderful might actually work. A handful of ads running for 4 days has made me 0.09 US$. That may not sound like much but it’s just starting and if I can increase that amount to a level a little above what it is currently, which I don’t think is out of reach with a little work, that will cover almost all the server costs.

Plans for the next month include getting a design for the template sorted so I can start work on the look of the blog as well as the content. Once thats out the way it will be time for a proper launch rather than the ’soft’ launch its had. The other day I had a daily traffic high of 130 page impressions and I hope to have that as a steady daily total by the end of March.

*finger crossed*





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