Happy Birthday Nairn!

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Two years ago tonight Nairn was born. In fact despite what the birth certificate says half an hour ago at 9:43pm he was born. I think I mentioned this before but my whole world changed ':)'

This last year has been huge for him. From taking his first unaided steps across the livingroom on his first birthday whilst I was preparing food in the kitchen to him picking up sign langauge and being able to hold an actual conversation with him and get intelligable replies.

The fact that I can say to him, “Nairn can you get daddy that train over there, no not the green one but the blue one” and have him pick it up and bring me it over astounds me. That and his facination with his younger sister. He gets visably upset if you seperate them and now thatthey are sharing a room for the next wee while they both seem to be loving it. In fact I noticed something today that surprised me. Nairns elder brother used to take toys from him and dace about in front of him waving it about and acting all silly. He hasn’t done that for about 6 months that I’m aware of and yet Nairn is doing the exact same thing for his sister. Even down to the same facial expressions and dance.

He’s amazing.





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