The Dream

Ever since I first met my wife she’s had certain ideas about how her life works and how things will hopefully go in the future. Thankfully a lot of those ideas of hers are very similar to mine.

Creative Commons License photo credit: foxypar4

Our friends call us hippies but I think the only tie dyed item of clothing we have is a kids t-shirt we were given as a present. We recycle as much as we can, my wife both knits as well as dyes her own wool and we try and get a crop of home grown vegetables in every year even when we don’t have a garden. One of our dreams is to be self sufficient and another is to move to the countryside into a nice house with a bit of land and start up a small holding. Initially the plan for the move was to a different country but I’m gradually bringing my wife around to the idea of staying within Scotland. It’s too nice a country and the population is that small that once you leave the central belt you sometimes have to travel miles to find a neighbour!

This blog will hopefully chart how we got from A to B with all the troubles in between.

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