The Starting Point

So how do you see improvement in your lifestyle? It helps to know where your starting from so you can see how far you’ve come when you look back.

Creative Commons License photo credit: sylvar

  • Recycling
    • We take part in the local councils waste recycling scheme which separates glass, plastic bottles and paper/cardboard from the rest of the household waste. Whilst we do recycle we are still not separating out 100% of the recyclable material.
    • Old clothing gets taking to the local recycling centre in the supermarkets car park and put in the recycling bins there.
    • We currently use cloth nappies for the babies unless they have a bad nappy rash.
  • Plastic Bags
    • We use reusable canvas bags for our groceries and any general shopping at the local mall. I still pick up the occasional plastic bag from the local shop so that I have something to pick up after our dog with. Must find something a bit more environmentally friendly for that though.
  • House
    • Almost all our light fittings have environmentally friendly bulbs in them. Those that don’t have special fittings that we either have not yet got round to replacing or have not yet bought the necessary bulb.
    • We fitted a shower to stop us taking baths all the time although we are still in the habit of staying in there too long so the water saving is currently negligible.
    • We also installed a dual flush toilet.
    • If it’s yellow let it mellow and if it’s brown flush it down.
    • Trying to use natural versions of toilet cleaner, bleach, etc
  • Garden
    • We have a compost heap that we use but due to it’s placement we do not ‘feed’ it as often as we should and most food scraps end up in the bin at the moment.
    • We grow a crop of vegetable’s each year but as we have not done much work in the garden yet we have been limited to plants in the kitchen window. Two years ago we had a really good harvest of cucumber, chilli peppers and tomatoes but last year we barely had a handful of tomatoes.
    • Plan to rearing our own chickens both for eggs and meat.

As we do better and improve over the years this will be my starting point!

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