How Not to Launch A Website

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After a bit of messing about I’m starting to settle on a layout for Wisdom Begins in Wonder. Still need to get some images to personalise the place though but that will wait. Changing things on a live website is not something I enjoy doing though. I can’t do any FTP work in the office and so I’m limited to working on code/images during my lunch and then uploading anything in the hour I get on a PC before I go to sleep.

I was thinking about getting traffic to the site and how I’d be able to increase this and I realised that maybe 130 visitors is a bit of a reach for just over a month so I’ll lower that down to 80 and see how things go from there. I’ll need to see if theres anythign else thats out there that can help otherwise ‘ll need to really on word of mouth.

I’ve found a surefire way of getting additional traffic but at the end of the day I want people to read and comment on the site. I’ve been using Entrecard for the last month and whilst it does bring traffic all its doing is using up my bandwidth and increasing my numbers without actually giving me many new readers. Still for 20 mins work a day dropping cards over my lunch hour I can’t really complain. A few other bloging sites are giving me a bit of traffic but nothing that would be sustainable if I were to stop using Entrecard I don;t think.

Moneywise I’m not bringing in much cash from the site but thats that big an issue. I’m just surprised that the ads on here are out paying the ads on WBIW almost 4-1 at times. Anyway so far I’ve made 45 cents this month with another 56 cents from adds still running so I’ve made my first dollar! It sounds so much better in dollars. Saying I’ve earned 60p in two weeks is a little disheartening but it all adds up. Hopefully within the next few months I’ll be in the position to be able to fund my servers from the ad income ':)'





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