Settling in

Our two chickens are settling in quite well. In fact so well that despite all my banging and throwing stuff about whilst making their run they still run about at my feet. No eggs though but they are still a little young.

”Creative photo credit: robstephaustralia

Our incubators going well and despite initial worries that the humidity levels were too low it seems to be climbing as the days go by. They are about 14 days gone so far so we’ve only got about another week before we hopefully start getting a few baby chickens running about the place. Unfortunately one of the eggs cracked and leaked before we could salvage it and we’re sure we’ve got 2-3 duff eggs so if everything goes well we’re still looking at about 10 chicks.

We also seem to have maybe acquired a pair of Khaki Campbell ducks. Once the runs finished and I’ve built them a wee home they might be coming our way.

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