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So what are we actually aiming for? Well there is the obvious reduction in our impact on Earth but at the same time we want to be able to improve both our kids and our own qualities of life. In a perfect world we’d have a wee croft on some sunny part of the Scottish coast with horses to get us from A to B and enough land to grow and rear virtually anything we need to eat. In reality though it’s almost impossible to get a house in that sort of location anywhere near our budget never mind within it. In a few years time once we’ve knocked a chunk off our current mortgage maybe but not right now.

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I’ve been trying to think what needs to be in place before we can think about taking that step of buying somewhere like that and moving our family out of the city. For a start we would need at least one of us to be in a position that we could earn enough to get by on whilst working from home. Without a wage coming in we can’t pay the mortgage so it’s a big hurdle to get over. Thats not the same as saying it’s impossible though. The internet is a wonderful thing and many an idea can bring the money if it’s good enough. I’d also need to learn to drive. It’s OK not having a license just now as we have a decent public transport network to use but try doing that when the nearest bus stop is 8 miles down the road. It goes against the want to reduce pollution etc though as it means another car pumping out crap into the air. Pros and cons I suppose.

The other problem I’m finding during all this ‘research’ is that unless the size of the gardens run into acres not one self respecting estate agent says more than ‘front and rear seeded for grass’ half the time. One of the reasons I want to move to a place like that is to have a garden big enough for a small crop and for my chickens. I can live without the sea view, although it would be really nice, if I could get a decent sized garden. While I’m on the subject, just because the property had a usable barn at one point in history, that rusted shell that barely has a roof on one corner does not qualify as a selling point. It’s taking up space and unless there is planning permission to demolish it all it means is its an added hassle which you don’t want or need when your buying/moving somewhere. If its still used as a barn then its a barn if you can’t do that then its a delapidated outhouse in need or modernisation/demolition.

And how close to civilisation is acceptable? Do you have to live 10 miles from everyone else or will the outskirts of a 10 house village do? I can see the appeal in both to be honest…

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