Renewable Energy

I’ve always been someone that loved the idea of renewable energy and long for a time where that is all we use. But as time goes on there seems to be more and more problems with them and it’s not really to do with the technology but how its implemented.

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Take for example the wind turbine farm being built next to my home town on the Eaglesham Moors.

Going on the reports that have made the newspapers the farm is going to be the biggest in Europe. That accolade was claimed at the planning stage so I’m not sure if it can still lay claim to it. There were many fears over the impact it would have on both the local animals as well as Glasgow Airport as the farm falls under their flight path. There were also many fears that the farm would have a large impact on the migratory birds in the area.

For years, as far back as 1984 I believe, the towns skyline has seen 2 wind turbines on the south western horizon. And now they are building a further 140 turbines! I can only applaud the government, for once, for going ahead with such a scheme but the infrastructure involved in building these places never gets thought of. I used to cycle up to those hills during the summer and I know for a fact you would have struggled to get a car up to the top of some of those hills and now they’ve built the roads needed to drive the turbines right up to each site as well as get all the cement and other materials needed for the huge foundations each turbine needs. Whilst they haven’t decimated the area they have certainly destroyed a lot of the natural habitat! Everywhere I go and find wind farms it’s always the same story. They rape the land they build them on and whilst carbon emission reduction is a worthy aim there has to be some way for the ecological footprint to be reduced as well?

In saying that we have thought about getting a turbine to help power our home. Last summer it would have set us back £1,600 to get a turbine that covered a small percentage of our monthly electrical bill. Adding that up over the 10 year life span of the turbine and there would be no monetary saving at all and without that ‘carrot’ £1,600 is just too high a price to pay for your Average Joe. If the price comes down or the efficiency goes up or, and I know this is a long shot, the government subsidises them then I may be able to have one installed. Until then I’ll just need to be happy with the knowledge that at least the power going onto the grid to power East Kilbride will be 100% renewable.

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