The Vegetable Garden

Today was meant to be a day spent in the garden. Between lack of sleep, changing of plans and freak snow showers that didn’t happen though. I did manage to get some of the veg planted in one of the propagators. Nairn helped me plant some watercress and mustard in a small tub with damp kitchen towel and I managed to get the cucumber, tomato, cherry tomato, pepper and jalapeño seeds planted. We’ve got a load of other seeds that go straight into the ground so we’ll get them planted soon.

Creative Commons License photo credit: dbaron

Talking of planting directly into the ground I need to decide whats happening with the vegetable patch. Ive got a couple of choices, I can just fence of the area to stop the chickens getting at it but as its on a hill the fencing will be awkward or I can put ‘steps’ on the hill and work it that way which makes the fencing far easier. I’m also considering extending the patch onto the other side of the stairs doubling the available ground for the patch, Much to think about over the rest of the weekend I feel.

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