This is starting to become a bad habit

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We were in our neighbors house after their daughters birthday party and when it came time for teh babies to go to bed I took them next door and got them settled. The house was freezing and I sat and watched the season finale of Torchwood. I remember seeing the end of it the next thing I remember is waking up curled up on the living room floor with my jacket on by about half past nine. I think I went straight to bed after that. Erica still hadn’t settled by then I do remember that as shes coughing and coughing but unable to clear the flem every time ':('

Back to Torchwood though. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but there were so many small things that just didn’t fit with the scale of the episode. Half of Cardiff blew up and the cops went around doors telling everyone it would be alright. And it worked. WTF? I could write something more convincing and I can’t write to save myself!





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