The Chicken Run : Part Deux

So we’ve done some more work on the run. I’ve managed to get the rest of the mesh up and both the doors built and hung and all with their own problems.

The run was originally designed so that it would actually be two runs side by side which explains the two doors although we’ve decided that in the short term at least we’ll just leave it as one big run for now. The above photo was taken just before the second door was built and hung.

The doors have been a problem since the start as we needed something light but strong as anything heavy would pull the frame out of shape until the roof was finally put on. Unfortunately even with the doors being as light as they are it’s still causing the door frame to squint a little. It will be an easy fix when I do the roof but until then its a bit of a pain.

Thankfully the weld mesh went on a little easier with the front section and a few bits of string took the place of extra helpers to hold it in place as it was nailed to the wood. We still have a lot of the mesh left so hopefully we’ll find a use for that at a later date.

All thats left now is to level off the ground, pave the outside and turf the inside of the run. We know the chickens will destroy the grass over time but hopefully they will be out in the main garden enough that it won’t become to much of a problem. An added bonus is that hopefully the turf will help take care of the excess surface water that section of the garden can sometimes get thanks to there being no vegetation on it.

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