*Invents Waterproof Keyboard*

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I’m starting to get pissed off with my keyboards getting destroyed by juice getting spilled on them. It’s not just keyboards though 2 out of my last 3 phones we’re killed that way as well. In order for me to type anything I need to load up a bookmarked page and copy and paste the letters one at a time to where I need them. Hawd the bus. Is there not a virtual keyboard as part of Windows disability software…hmmm.

In other news Kirsty and Mo got me this teeshirt for my birthday.


I’ll be wearing that one to work tomorrow then ';)'
Thanks guys ':)'

This lack of sleep thing is really starting to wear me down. Erica’s just got over her illnesses so her sleeping patterns starting to return but she’s currently at the stage where she’s sleeping almost all the way through the night so when I get up at 4.30-5am with her I don’t get back to sleep. It catches up with you eventually.





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