I think I’m quite glad I haven’t spent any time in the garden these last two weekends. I got talking to one of our neighbours this morning on the way to work and he was saying that the recent frosts have basically killed off most of the vegetables and flowers he has spent this last month planting.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Bill in Ash Vegas

I didn’t think it was that bad to be honest until I went out to let the hens out yesterday morning and mud underfoot had completely frozen solid. Our car windscreen was completely frozen up as well now that I think of it.

Managed to track down some seed potatoes yesterday so I’ll get them planted over the weekend as well as some onions. Of all the vegetables we’re planting this year these two are the ones I’m hoping work out well. They are the top two vegetables we eat, closely followed by peppers. And talking of peppers the seeds still haven’t germinated yet so I think wrapping the propagator in some bubble wrap and moving it somewhere warmer is the order of the day.

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