It’s a Girl!

Our chicks are now coming up on three weeks old and we’re starting to wonder about the sex of each chick. Unfortunately none of our chicks are auto-sexing so we’re having to do it the hard way. Between checking the wing feathers and waiting for their colours to appear we think we’ve finally managed to nail one of them.

Faverolle chick

Faverolles grow different coloured feathers depending on their sex but without photos to compare to it can be a bit tricky to say for sure. The best description we’ve had so far to separate them is that cockerels have black feathers on their wings and pullets have biscuit coloured feathers. As you can see from the photograph it certainly looks like a female to me.

Faverolle chick wing female

That leaves us with the Silkie to sex and both the Peking Bantams. I’m reliably informed that to sex a Silkie means to wait until it either crows or lays an egg. That will be fun. I’m also informed that by three weeks the Peking’s combs would be very evident if they were cockerels which they aren’t at the moment so fingers crossed it stays that way! I’m not entirely convinced by how accurate that would be at his stage though but only time will tell.

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  1. library slut says:

    I loved your post about chickens, but I am really here because at PDub you say you are in Scotland. Is that true?

  2. Bob says:

    Of course its true :)

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