“He did what?”

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Right my brains fried thanks to work, home and lack of play so I’ve came on here for 5 minutes just to throw together a brain dump and get away from payroll work for a wee while.

I feel about 2 inches tall. I won’t go into the whole story but whilst I ran to the toilet yesterday Nairn got his hands on a steak knife and cut his hands. The cuts aren’t that bad but both of them are between the thumb and forefinger so they kept opening back up and our plasters were just too small. Ended up spending 3 hours with him and Erica in A&E yesterday afternoon to get someone to check him over and get some proper dressings on them. He’s fine and apart from when it started bleeding again when the nurse was applying the dressings he was in great spirits almost the entire time. I still left him alone long enough to hurt himself though.

Vonnie went up to see Emma in Aberdeen over the weekend so I had the babies from Saturday afternoon onwards. I’ve been on a diet for the last week but I cheated on Saturday night. We sat down and watched a DVD with some popcorn before I put the babies to bed which was entirely healthy and not at all bad for my teeth…honest.

We’ve got 2 baby ducks to add to our collection of poultry.

Indian runner duck babies

We should have had a better hatch rate than that but our incubator is shit. We seem to be getting a 33/66 success rate which isn’t very good. Vonnie picked up 2 more chicks from a breeder on the way back down from Aberdeen yesterday and I picked up a delivery of 6 Scots Grey eggs this morning. Hopefully that should be us and with a little luck the hens we have will start laying any day now.

Vonnie also picked up some spares for the bikes from Ebay the other day which arrived this morning so hopefully I can have the bikes up and running again pretty soon.





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