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I've been trying to sort out my domain so that I can get my blog back up and running but I'm hitting snags at every turn.

First off I couldn't find the domain on any of the sites I use for buying them. Eventually I remembered that when Mark first started hosting my site rather than use my own server we moved it over to his account to make nameserver changes etc easier any time he updated his hosting. If I set up an account with the company he uses it should be the work of two minutes to transfer it back over to me and from there move it back over to my usual company.

Then once Mark managed t find the signup page which was hidden somewhere that neither of us to easily find it I hit a snag. You need a valid credit/debit card to create the account. Thats never been a problem before but apparently my debit card is out of date despite its expiry date being in 2009. Every other card I've tried with them has had the same problem and now I'm waiting on them getting back to me. I've been waiting since Saturday night and still nothing so I think I'll be nudging them later on today if I've still not heard anything.

I've also got to work out how to organise my my hosting. Currently all my sites work from the one hosting package with the separate sites being registered as addon domains. My problem being the base domain name isn't what I want it to be and is going to require reinstalling one of the blogs from scratch and a bit of jiggery pokery to get it all on an even keel. Basically more time and money than I have at the moment. Joy.

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