I've sat since my own hosted blog went down wondering whatthe hell I've done with my backups. I've remembered now though.

I've deleted them. All of them.

You may think this is a bad thing but I'll tell you why. Those of you that read this will know that I never use LJ. I can't stand the structure/look and I can't stand how limited it is with it's features. But because I get more folk reading my LJ than my actual site I decided a wee while ago to cross post my ordinary entries here as well but direct all comments over to my own site. Not that many of you commented on it anyway but thats not the point :)

The point is though that the plugin that allowed me to cross post also allowed me to transfer over all my previous posts as well. Due to the age of my blog though it was going to take a long time to do so I never really got around to do it. Then I remembered that I accidentally started the process one day at work and a few hours later it had 'backed up' most of the blog to LJ. I think I've got from 2005 onwards on here. I've also got what little I had from before then backed up as text files on my laptop but that only covered me until early 2007.

Woohoo as they say.

I'm still working on getting my domain back up and running so we might see it back up bofre I go back to work ;)

Talking of health I'll try and update later on the last few days. Most folk will be bored by the length of it but my next post should hopefully cover my brush with an ECG machine and my encounter with Darth Vader.

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