Some Days You Remember The Things You Miss

Despite being stuck at home for the last two and a half weeks I’ve actually spent very little time online. I’ve no idea how I’ve managed it but it’s true. Unfortunately whilst I was waiting for Nairn to take his afternoon nap yesterday I found my Stumble button and came across Christie’s Auction House’s website with the following item for sale.

Roman Glass D20 Die

I miss my weekly RPG meetups. The group of friends that I used to play with I don’t see much of anymore and those friends that I do see are not really the kind that would set aside an evening a week to try something new like Dungeons and Dragons or Vampire:TM.

I was never a great Storyteller or Dungeon Master but I was enthusiastic. I loved coming up with the storyline though. If my english skills were better I’d write a lot of fiction I think but with RPG’s you don’t need to get everything perfect. If the idea is sound it gets fleshed out with the help of the players and nine times out of ten you successfully get the feel of the scene without having to try to hard. Making it up on the spot however always threw me and I’m surprised the players didn’t lynch me whenever that happened.

I always got the most enjoyment from being a player though. You start with a few numbers on a sheet of paper and after a couple of nights you’ve fleshed that character out in such a way that you feel like you’ve known them forever. Twenty years later and I can still remember some of my first characters that I played and I think I still have most of those that stayed with me over the years in the loft somewhere.

I wish I could get back into it all. Whenever I find my dice or pick up one of the rule books from the shelf I want to play. It’s probably for the best that most of the books are in the loft just now to be honest.

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  1. lirazel says:

    “Modern scholarship has not yet established the game for which these dice were used.”

    tabletop with togas. has to be. the last time i played vampire was with pad, in the QM, i think.

  2. Bob says:

    You I can see playing V:TM but I’m surprised at Pad :p

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