Brief Catchup

The babies have been christened and we had loads of folk back to the house afterwards. It was good to see Shug again and it was brilliant to see my gran get out her house for a while as well.

Daphne is away to someone who can give her more time than we can. Between Vonnie changing jobs and my health this year it’s just became to much for us to deal with and it wasn’t fair on her. So now shes off living near Stirling with Lizzie’s friend and she has another lab to play with, a river to swim in and a bed to sleep under. I’m already missing her but I know shes better off where she is.

The ducks are going to our friends tomorrow. They are great wee characters but they are destroying our garden and they don’t half stink. I think we’ll stick to chickens for the time being.

I’ve got the docs tomorrow to see if I’m fit enough to go back to work. I’m still really tired and finding breathing awkward if I stretch myself. I can’t take deep breaths and find myself hyperventilating an awful lot. Just hope the doc has a reason for my irregular heartbeat now that isn’t serious.

I’ve got my photoblog back up and running and hopefully I’ll be able to upload a whole new set of photos over the coming weeks to liven it up a bit. Unfortunately I lost all the old comments when the servers died so feel free to let me know what you think of any of the photos :)

All thats left now is to get packed for the holiday and hope that the doc gives me the all clear to go otherwise my travel insurance may end up null and void should anything happen when we’re away.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    Daphne is getting on well. Islay was a bit confused by her and first but then she was coming round to being jumped all over and then they were both trying to squeeze under the coffee table.
    It’s a shame for you, but I’m sure she’ll be well looked after.

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